Check out our new customizable accountability board! Any board on our product page marked with a Star button has a custom version available. Currently we only offer ICB-V49, but we are working to develop more custom options in the future.

Incident Command Boards

Our boards are made from a strong Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic. We provide a wet erase Vis-a-vis marker and all boards include Velcro for storage of Team Tags and Apparatus Tags.

All of our Boards are NIMS compliant.
Velcro® Tag System

Our Velcro® Accountability System is similar to those commonly referred to as the "Seattle System" and the "Passport System." These systems are growing in popularity as many departments in the Midwest and on the West Coast are already members of organizations that share resources and use these systems to aid in that endeavor.

The Firefighter Accountability System we offer consists of the Incident Command Board, the Team/Vehicle Tags, and the Individual Tags for the members. The Resource Management Card is optional. This is a very dynamic system, allowing for constant improvement and new components to be added to customize it for the department(s) using it. If you have special needs, please contact us so we can work together to fill your requirements for a workable Firefighter Accountability System for your department.

Partnership with Fire Training Resources

Eagle Engraving, Inc. is happy to announce our business association with Fire Training Resources to greatly improve Fireground Incident Command, Coordination, and Safety. Eagle Engraving, Inc. will provide customized Incident Command Boards and Fire Training Resources, led by Lieutenant Brett Graves of the Pontiac Fire Department, will provide instruction on the use and understanding of the need for command and control on the fireground.