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ICB-MM-V01 Price: $87.00

Size: 11.5" x 16", Double Sided

~Add your logo to the top for no extra charge
(.png preferred, .jpg files accepted. The larger the better!)

~Add a grommet for attaching a lanyard to any 11.5" boards
- $8.00 (lanyards not included).

~Some boards may be increased to 14" by 19" or reduced
to fit in a pocket. Boards may also be modified to fit
on a 9" x 12" or 9" x 15.5" Clipboard. Modification charges may apply,
please call or email for inquiry.

~"Grease" Pencils or Dry Erase Markers will work
on our boards but are not provided. (Wet Erase Marker is provided.)

Black areas represent Velcro® strips.

Check out the PDF for this board


Command Board Options
Add logo to top of board
Dept. Name (for board heading)
Top Left  (+ $8.00)
Top Center  (+ $8.00)
Top Right  (+ $8.00)
Bottom Left  (+ $8.00)
Bottom Center  (+ $8.00)
Bottom Right  (+ $8.00)

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