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ICB-V28 EMS Staging/Transportation

ICB-V28 EMS Staging/Transportation Price: $139.00

Size: 19"×14", Double Sided

~Add your logo to the top for no extra charge
(.png preferred, .jpg files accepted. The larger the better!)

~Add a grommet for attaching a lanyard to any 11.5" boards
- $8.00 (lanyards not included).

~Some boards may be increased to 14" by 19" or reduced
to fit in a pocket. Boards may also be modified to fit
on a 9" x 12" or 9" x 15.5" Clipboard. Modification charges may apply,
please call or email for inquiry.

~"Grease" Pencils or Dry Erase Markers will work
on our boards but are not provided. (Wet Erase Marker is provided.)

Check out the PDF for this board


Command Board Options
Add Logo to Header
Add Grommet  (+ $8.00)
Department Name (Header)

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