Team Tag -

Team Tag

Team Tag Price: $5.75

Size: 2" x 4", Single Sided

The APPARATUS or TEAM TAG measures approximately 2" by 4" and has Velcro on both the front and back of the tag. The top of the tag is engraved with the team or apparatus identifier (TK1) and also that of the Department (EAGL). The bottom portion is normally left blank to allow the Incident Commander to make notes on it.

This tag accepts the individual member tags to show which person are on which "Team" or "Apparatus". The standard colors of these tags are: White as the primary tag, Red for the back-up tag; and Green which can be used for mutual aid departments not having their own tag system or to temporarily replace a lost/missing white or red tag. The white and red tags are usually mounted in the cab of the apparatus. Other color team tags are available for special teams or different apparatus types.

Suggestion for Department Code: Please utilize your county or mutual aid group to determine codes. We encourage departments to choose a 4 letter department code that would lead others to your city/town name. Please refrain from using FD or FPD in these codes.


Apparatus or Team Type
Support (SUP)
Ambulance (AMB)
Engine (E)
Truck (TK)
Tanker/Tender (TN)
Squad (SQ)
Brush (BR)
Rescue (RSQ)
Car (C)
Mini Pump (MINI)
Number or Other
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Light Blue
2" x 4"
2" x 6"  (+ $2.25)
2" x 8"  (+ $4.75)

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